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My lifelong interest in communications led me into podcasting. I have been a ham radio operator, a radio announcer, and I communicate to people via digital voice recordings. I am passionate about podcasting and what it has to offer. Podcasting is better than radio or tv in a number of ways.

If you have an ipod or other mp3 player why not download it and listen anywhere at all. You can download  OR listen to my podcast HERE.

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To add my podcast just click the plus button and paste or type my address into the window that comes up as you see here. Type or paste in this address http://feeds.feedburner.com/podshow/tzQF next click save. You should see a list of my shows come up as you see in the screen capture. You click in the boxes next to the shows you want to download. A green play button indicates you have already downloaded the show. Each time you run this program click the green button with the 2 arrows going in a circle to download any new episodes. You can add episodes from other podcasts on the podcst directory tab or by cutting and pasting the address for other podcast feeds into the add a feed button as you have done with mine. The shows you subscribe to this way will be stored in folders with their names. You can state where on your computer you want these episodes stored. From there just copy to your mp3 player and ENJOY!!!!<

Voicefiles are fantastic. Read and Listen about the fun HERE

You can find me on Aol instant messenger, yahoo , and MS messenger as wa1myq. I am also on Twitter with the same user ID.

contact me here

I can be found on Facebook as Nimbus Nico.

My myspace page is   http://www.myspace.com/wa1myq 

More information on me is at http://www.computerhelpzone.com/scott

Some of my photos sent from cell are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wa1myq/

My cell  pics & tweets from twitter  http://twitpic.com/photos/wa1myq

My youtube video site is http://www.youtube.com/user/wa1myq

Let me be your DJ and hear some of my favorite tunes http://blip.fm/wa1myq

On skype my id is nim-bus


Plain Dudes Promo 1

Plain Dudes Promo #2

Plain Dudes Radio is a bold one of a kind experiment in communications using new media. I do not know of a radio or tv show like it. Normally when people talk about hot topics of the day it quickly degenerates into yelling and no one really listens let alone respects each others opinions. I wanted to create a show where people could express their opinions on topics without all the anger, drama, and disrespect. Tolerance and respect are the main rules of plain Dudes radio. We invite you to listen and to participate. Facebook group is HERE Here you will find many other links to catch up with me Our podcast archive is HERE

The plain dudes presently are:
Michael Moss
Erk (Channel Erk):
Scott (Uncommon Sense podcast):
Trucker Tom (Trucker Tom podcast):
Tom Harris of TomHarrisUSA.com
















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