Communication is what makes the world go round. I am a communications junky who is involved in many types of communicating. I work in television broadcasting  in master control. I also provide Computer consulting services as a home business. I am a licensed Ham radio operator call WA1MYQ.

Besides Ham radio I have been talking to people for years via tape recorders. Over the years this evolved from reel to reel to cassette and then on to digital voicefiles over the internet. I talk to many people including a group we started in the tape days called TRA. We now communicate using digital voice files I used to make these using a portable player recorder called an EGO. I have since evolved to several other mp3 recorders and now record using an Ipod touch which is the same as an Iphone without the phone bills. I can also easily send INSTANT voicefiles using VOXER.

I am trying to promote this enjoyable hobby of digital voice file exchange on a webpage HERE

I have also have been podcasting for many years. It seemed a logical extension of what I have been doing all along. You can find my podcast HERE. If you have a podcast client you can subscribe to my rss feed HERE. You may have to right click and copy the link into your podcatcher program.