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[Gene's Photo]My name is Gene Alan Koski.I am a true lover of technology and have been ever since I first took the back off of my father's old Grundig Hi-Fi and touched the 120 volt line cord. (ouch)

I started playing with radios and record players I found in the garbage (thank god for illegal dumps) back in the Bronx and have been a techno junkie ever since! I was irresistibly drawn to tape recorders and in 1969 I founded a tape club known as Tape Recorders Anonymous. I enticed some guys from the radio club in high school to join so I could suck out all of the electronic knowledge from their brains and insert it into mine. We all became good friends and are still together 26 years later!

I soon was turned onto the world of shortwave radio and even got my novice ham radio license and talked to people all over the world. My interests expanded into video as those products became available and finally I moved into computers. My love for technology has never wavered!

On a personal note I am married, and live with my wife and son in Fairfield Connecticut. I work for a large corporation servicing copier-printers. My other interests include listening to fine Rock & Roll and Jazz Fusion as well as various HiFi stereo surround sound movies on my fine Audio-Video system. I am also a lover of the great outdoors - camping, boating, hiking, nature. I possess a very strong interest in all of the sciences - physics, astronomy, biology, medicine, and read quite a number of magazines related to these on a daily basis.

TRA stands for Tape Recorders Anonymous. For people so obsessed with tape recorders, they would rather remain anonymous.

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