How to record your voice and correspond around the world digitally


I used to be in many tape clubs and exchange tapes with tape pals around the world. Now I do the same thing for free using the internet and digital voice recorders.

Recently I became aware of a way to do this that is so easy anyone can do it.   You can hear me tell about it by clicking HERE or read on. I recommend listening as there are more details. Here is what you will need to purchase and set up first.

You need to have broadband internet

You need to have a wireless router or adapter connected to your broadband internet

You must purchase either an Ipad,  Iphone, Ipod touch, or any of the android tablets or phones.
Some of the android tablet names are :   Google Nexus,  Amazon Kindle fire, Samsung Galaxy  and so forth. These can often be bought for under 200 dollars especially used.

You will have to install a program that works on all of these called Voxer. It cost nothing. It is free. Note the voxer icon 4th row down below

Once you have this program installed you will see the voxer icon (picture) on your tablet. press your finger on the icon and the program will start On the main screen you see an invite friends link. This lets you link up with others that have this same program set up on their smart phone or tablet. You can also search for them and they can search for you by name. Below you see a few of the friends I have linked up to using this. To talk to them and send them INSTANT voice recordings I just click on their name and the next screen opens up


Below is the screen where I actually talk back and forth with people. It is pretty simple stuff. Note the play buttons on the line under their name. Also note the hold and talk button at the very bottom. To send a recording to them I press hold and talk. If I want to talk a long time I press it and slide my finger to the right and it will lock on till I tap it to stop recording. I then simply talk to them and when done end by either tapping or just taking my finder off the button. The message is instantly sent to them and they will see my photo and my message pop up. See the first message from Gene. I played it allready. Note the message I recorded below that. I did not play it yet so the play button is all the way to the right. If I press the play button it will play back the message I recorded for gene. Gene will see just the opposite on his end.


Also note that I can send photos that I take with my tablet. Most of these smart tablets can shoot photos and do a lot of other tricks. I can take a photo by clicking on the camera icon you see to the left of the hold and talk button. On the right is also the ability to write them a message where you see the pencil on paper icon. The voice recordings are digitally sent via internet so there is NO postage for me. They are received almost instantly if that person has their smart device powered on and they will receive a notification sound when  my message comes in and a text message to go check it out. It is actually possible to send messages back and forth in near real time with this as well for free. Not quite like a telephone since only one person can talk at a time but a bit like ham or cb radio. If the person on the other end is not able to receive the message it is stored and sent once they are online and they can get it and play it then, even weeks later.

I have also found that once you receive these messages you can carry the smart device/phone/tablet with you and even if you have no internet you can play messages you received just like tape. You can also record your reply just like tape and once you return home to where your wireless internet is this program will automatically send your messages out as well as receive any new ones. Be sure to give it time before shutting it off. I never shut mine off but instead I just plug it into the computer or charger to charge it up overnight. This is also a good way to leave it if you are just hanging around the house. You can buy extra long power cords to run it on external  power this way. These devices tend to be pretty power hungry so I recommend keeping them on charge when not in use and perhaps even when in use if you can. There are car chargers available real cheap so no real problem doing this at or away from home.

HERE is a demonstration of using voxer to talk to a group of people similar to a tape round robin